Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Do It Cause I Should

What am I refering to?  Well blogging.  So I will make another admission to you all out in internet world.  I am a horriable blogger.  I am not referring to the actual blogging part of it, but the "doing" it part.  I have about 10 started journals from my youth until about 2-3 years ago.  I always start them but that is about it.  I like to write, I am just bad about actually doing it.  I feel I need a topic.  I just can't write the same stuff every day, which is where the journal stuff comes into play.  I would like to blog more often but I feel my life is rather ordinary and I don't have much interesting to say so why would anyone be interested?  Why would my posterity be interested in things like "Scott went to work, kids went to school, I went to work, cleaned the house, ran kids to activities......"  see what I mean?  So before I blog I actually spend time thinking of what I should write about.  I then lurke in other blogs to see what they are writing about and maybe get some inspiration.  I will admit this works sometimes.  Mandy is a good source of inspiration.  I will admit I couldn't even make up her story about the primary program, but often times real life is bettern than fiction.  I sometimes wish my life were more interesting but in a good way, not the tragic way it has been for sometime now.

So that brings me to what is going on now which is not much.  This week marked Scott's first 6 day break.  Luckily enough he had an EMS Conference to attend in SLC and I was able to go.  Millville/NIbley paid for the fees to attend and for our hotel room for 3 nights and dinner at PF Changs on Friday night.  I went along and on Thursday I spent the day with Tamy Christmas shopping then Scott and I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (LOOOOOOVE IT).  On Friday I scored some coupons from Layne Bryant and I hit the Gateway.  I also love shopping there but on a different level.  There are stores there I never get to go into other than when I go there.  There are stores that have great items I would never and could never buy but looking at them are great.  It was very cold and I am glad for my wool peacoat to keep me warm, but I was able to buy clothing that came to over $250 and I only had to pay $110 by the time I used my 25% Friends and Family coupon and then an additional $50 off for spending more than $100.  SO it was one of those shopping trips where I showed Scott how much I saved before I told him how much I spent.  I was excited, he really didn't care.  We then had lunch at the Lionhouse on Temple Square.  It was nice.  I spent some time on Temple Square after lunch while Scott went back to his conference and I watched some couples getting wedding photos, then I wanted to walk back to our hotel but I was soooo frozen that I just took a cab.

We were going to stay on FRiday night but neither one of us were sleeping well in our hotel room and our kids missed us so we came home late friday night.  Saturday was rather uneventful.  It just snowed.  We went grocery shopping and did housework and then caught up on the DVR shows we missed while in SLC.  We will just hang around Sunday because it's Stake Conference and then Monday starts Scott's next 8-day shift.  He is anxious already.  He gets worn our working but he is recovered after 1 day and has nothing to do the rest of the time.  WE will have to find a hobby for him for sure.

So about Thanksgiving.  I am soooo excited for all of you who have decided to attend.  We are up to over 30 people and it will be exciting.  I am "organizing" the entire meal and I would love everyone who is attending and who is ABLE to contribute what they would like.  Please let me know if there is a special dish you would like to bring and I will make sure to put it on the list.  I will be making phone calls this week, but I am just excited that so many of us can get together.  Have a nice weekend and I love you all.

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Amber said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh. My family is normal - finally. I love to see the family. Keep up the great work!!